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Excerpt from the Foreword

Around 1980, I visited Japan on business and also attended the English services at a local Christian church. I asked the missionary pastor if the creation-evolution controversy meant anything in Japan. He replied that, strange as it may seem, they saw no conversions to Christianity until after explaining ex nihilo creation.

This was so because, to the Japanese mind, God is an absentee landlord, with no direct interest in people. With that mindset, Japanese people could make no sense of Christian words such as sin, atonement, redemption, etc. But once they understood ex nihilo creation, these words loomed large in their minds.

RusselMoeRussel Moe has been a longtime reader of scholarly subjects. He is now retired from a career in the industrial world, during which he traveled much, providing him additional opportunity for reading and study.

A Christian, he was puzzled about the seeming conflict between Christianity and science, since both seemed so reasonable. Were there hidden assumptions? His reading search thus tended to the history of science and mathematics, philosophy of science, social understandings, apologetics of the early church, and related subjects. These provide the complex subject matter woven together in this prelude.

Russel Moe now resides with his wife in Central Florida where he leads an active and productive life in retirement.