Atheism: the wandering storyteller OR atheism: the rock

Negatively, atheists do not believe that God or gods exist. To be only negative leaves an atheist without the ability to “explain” the big picture. Positively, atheists believe in Theory, with the big “T,” and Mathematics, with the big “M.” Thus God is redundant. Without grandiose extrapolation, the atheist is very vulnerable. Actually, a double negative – atheism and atheorism – would mean that it is philosophically best to “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we extrapolators die.”

Theory, with the big “T,” provides the “rock” for atheism. But such is beyond public knowledge. The atheist is not a puzzle solver. He is a wandering storyteller.

Deists, perhaps, once believed in a perforated universe. Now, with Mathematics and its infinity, they “know” better. Perforations are unlawful!
Deists accept Theory – with the big “T.” But deists make all Rationalisms better because they “sprinkle holy water” on them. This “supposedly” removes their terrible inhuman “edge.”

Those grounded in the Bible have theism and atheorism. Events, being historical, caution against unwise extrapolation. Science and other investigations can study the quietude resulting from mega-discontinuity. Some events, though, have no “other-side” existence. Such being their nature, (simple or complex) mathematics cannot guide one in the accessible realm or through mega-discontinuities.

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