Core Values

What are the core value(s) of religion, science and non-religion?

The core value of religion is that “this” is not all there is. There is another reality or dimension to reality, usually described as awareness of a “Transcendent” reality.

The question of verifiability looms. Each religion has to make its own defense.

The Bible defense states physical historical facts. Creation ex nihilo – and a recent one at that – is open to scrutiny with theory-free knowledge. Is there conflict with Genesis? More historical facts are stated in the Old and New Testaments. They also reveal a Triune God. The limited nature of reality is theory-free.

Christianity has transcendence, incarnation and physical events as core values. This is not arid philosophy but a perforating encounter with an event-causer. Also, as C S Lewis said of Aslan, “He is not tame.”

Science – destructive interrogation – is empirical. Not only is the transcendent beyond its experimental reach, many other aspects of reality are also beyond it. Events, information, arts, history, music, qualities, sin, compassion, beauty or qualities for example.

Science’s core value is theory-free knowledge. Limited – but objective.
Even though theory and paradigm are not theory-free, they do not want to be considered as outside of science, but such they are. Their core value resides in the domain of non-religion and non-science – which is in ideas.

Non-religion also has core values.

Is it evolution? Well, that is a deduction, but not the center.

Is it atheism? Well, that is a deeper deduction, but still not the center. Some atheists even say they are not against religion, properly understood. Religion is a proper antiquary in a museum, good entertainment or soothing balm for the brain. Yet so many over-value religion as an “irrational” truth.

Is it non-transcendence? Is material reality the “whole show?” This looks like the core value of atheism, except we can’t see “why that is believed to be so?”

Mathematical determinism is the core value! It is the “one ring that rules them all.” As once said, 1 + 1 = 2 and the angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees – independently of man or any god. This is the non-religious gospel! This calming Mathematical cloud is the great ahistorical leveler – yet, it has grown vastly more than Plato could have imagined. The supernatural and the soul are among the flattened casualties. At best, they become “secondary” qualities, awaiting extinction via a “Scientific” (mathematical) explanation.

There is only one problem. Rationalists have lost monotruth, so they outrun their headlights – they practice extrapolative infatuation! With Pythagoras and Plato, the incarnate link between mathematics, physics and monotruth was self-evident truth! Granted, Aristotle wasn’t impressed with the edifice. Today, acknowledging the broken link to truth, modern rationalists accept the polytruth of paradigm consensus of learned participants.

Their public “front” is elite unity; back stage – away from the limelight – disagreements continue. They are intolerant of non-acceptance of any Theory-based emanations of Mathematical determinism.

Yet atheorism is more valuable than atheism!

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