15 Dangerous Reading

During my working years, I attended many creation events plus subscribed to many journals. Yet my reading list was changing towards philosophy and histories of science and mathematics. Something seemed amiss in learned subjects.

Various books by Karl Popper and Thomas Kuhn were early reads. Then I encountered Morris Cline and Reuben Hersh on mathematics’ increasing complexity. Next was Arthur Koestler and his The Sleepwalkers, on astronomy. Then the fiery philosopher, Paul Feyerabend. From there it expanded into many writers.

Why wasn’t it enough to say that “science is objective truth” and quickly reach agreement? Why do PhD’s quarrel with each other? Many words were written, but objectivity was only an option!

The Knowledge Acquisition Spectrum shows that learned arguments are not about theory-free knowledge, but about the subsidiary and separate Theory-Generated Understandings. In truth, the arguers reveal a mathematical labyrinth!

In conclusion, elite P U promoters consider that anything even vaguely based on Mathematical determinism is science. To the general public, practically anything “scholarly” is science – meaning that lots of mathematics, dense unreadable reports and white lab coats indicate what is Science. Most of these have little or no connection to destructive interrogation. Confusion reigns: it infects more than “evolution.”

Or, as C S Lewis wrote, That Hideous Strength was to be avoided. Atheorism looms its refreshing head. The end result is the Knowledge Acquisition Spectrum. We need to respect learned ignorance – Theory-Free Knowledge.

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