Free Press

This phrase is beginning to sound hollow. It is hard to avoid the impression that the “press” is an assemblage of cookie-cutter sameness, though not of specific age, gender or nationality characteristics. Rather the sameness of P U elitist group-think!

The press, academia and bureaucrats form a dominant left-wing thinking/voting bloc. There is little “diversity” in worldview among them. The result is not a “free press,” but rather a political correctness (P C) militia. P C comes from P U training!

A free press should be a diverse worldview press – or a “just-the-facts” press!

Society has always been seen as having lower, middle and upper class designations. Today, though, class divisions are most pronounced between the elite P U chattering class and all-the-others class (or working class)!
The P U chattering class believes that their non-religious core values give them intellectual superiority and freedom. It is as if their eyes seek out Mordor and the majestic Mount Doom. They know that Mathematical determinism, “the one ring that rules them all,” will never be cast into the caldron. Thus, all-the-others classes needs their insights and directing. The chattering class, at least in their own opinions, are truly a benevolent group of citizens, trained in elite P U institutions.

God blesses common sense. It won’t solve math problems but it can reduce the well-reasoned nonsense in the public square!

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