Keep the Faith

You may have heard it said that “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it.” Rational elites laugh at this; they equate it with “keeping the faith – in spite of the Scientific evidence.”

Let us use computer-speak and “unpack” the meaning of that quotation. Have you ever heard it said that “The Bible says that God recently ex nihilo created the universe (out of nothing); the universe has ordered complexity, meaning that it can be studied to learn of its many accessible facets.”

This second formulation respects the Knowledge Acquisition Spectrum, which recognizes foundational theory-free knowledge – atheorism. Rationalists don’t like this second formulation – atheorism strongly suggests that knowledge seekers cannot objectively start their search by beginning with a universal statement such as “all is Mathematical” or “all comes from the big bang!” Yet such statements are needed in order to “subjectively” extrapolate well beyond traveled distances and recorded history.

Perhaps we need a further “unpacking” of the word “studied.” Study of the recently ex nihilo created universe, with its ordered complexity, requires gathering data with the three types of theory-free knowledge, and then analyzing the data with mathematics – with a small “m.” If such scholarly effort concludes that it is reasonable to say “The Bible says it, I believe it, that settles it,” this endeavor has “kept the faith.”

The atheoristic attitude frowns at attempts to outrun-our-headlights (i.e., extrapolative infatuation). That is a reasonable caution, but it is not fashionably Rational! Thus, disagreement with Rationalism is not over the facts, but over the credibility of Theory-Generated “Understandings,” extrapolations based upon paradigms.

Rationalists fear atheorism. These elites “keep their faith” in Mathematical determinism, in spite of the limiting and foundational theory-free domain of knowledge.

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