Rational Flatlanders visit the Mountain Tops

We are advised that to understand the universe, we must begin with the findings of today’s “Sciences” – or is it today’s paradigms? In other words, we must begin at the “mountain tops” – the remote ivory towers!

We get to the mountain tops via a helicopter. No need for the weary trek from the flatlands to the foothills, then to the mountain valleys and the final strenuous mountain climbing.

So we are advised! While at the mountain tops, we may make day-trips around the summits, maybe even descend down the sides a bit and enjoy the views. To see more details, we are provided “Theoretical” glasses.

Instead, start with the known and then walk on the hidden, yet obvious, path from the flatlands onward. Be advised, though, that this will be a weary trek. Unruly Mathematics, Theory, Models and other philosophical dead-ends will get in the way of theory-free knowledge.

Actually, the “mountain tops” are typically well-reasoned word fogs or mirages! Not only impassable rivers or daunting gorges impede us; there are also obstacles of well-reasoned nonsense. You are advised to bring along a large flask of atheorism! Theory-free knowledge is a strong antidote to the mercurial depth perception provided by the Theoretical glasses of paradigm “Science,” falsely so-called!

Unaided “human-independent” knowledge is actually “human-only” abstract understandings. It is much saner to seek theory-free knowledge, read the Bible and “keep the faith.”

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