Saving Failure

As Robert Stirniman said: “Of all the forces we know, there is none stronger than a paradigm.”

Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, in his The Gulag Archipelago, begins with a recounting of the “waves” in “our sewage disposal system.” Kulaks impeded the utopian reality – but their “removal” did not usher in the utopia! Further bureaucratic analysis “uncovered” a class of agricultural wreckers. These were “removed” – yet the utopia did not arrive. Then they discovered a kirov wave from Leningrad. Then there were etc, etc, etc waves to be removed! Never once was the socialist Theory wrong – they easily made ad hoc additions to save (some of) the appearances. They could save failure. That is, until Mikhail Gorbachov and Boris Yeltsin shut the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” down.

Earlier, there had been the Theory of phlogiston (1667) to explain combustion. Phlogiston was a substance that burned. It had a number of added variants to save some appearances but that was not enough to save failure. Ultimately, the discovery of oxygen ended the Theory.
Then their were (are) aether theories. Brilliant Mathematical speculations that are now found to be amusing.

Present day astronomy has “confirmed” only 4% “normal matter.” The rest being made up of “dark matter” and “dark energy.” Their mathematical form of depth perception saves the appearances with ad hoc additions. It is more reasonable that astronomers are 4% right and 96% wrong. Their science : polyscience ratio is 1 : 24! They valiantly save failure.

Paul E Meehl, in his contribution to On Scientific Thinking, is almost poetic in his analysis of saving failure. “A failure to recognize …., inadequate appreciation of the extreme weakness of…., a fairly widespread use of ad hoc explanations. The ad hoc explanations have auxiliary hypotheses which they dutifully explore…. A zealous and clever investigator can work for years without ever once refuting or corroborating as much as a single strand of the network…. His true position is that of a potent-but-sterile intellectual rake.” What is their science : polyscience ratio? P U’s provide a strange, yet elite, educational experience!

How do these examples apply to the left-of-center network of social and entitlement Theories that presently cause such expense and uncertainty? As this network seeks to take over larger sections of a nation’s economy, they save failure by hiding failure with ad hoc verbosity! Their core values low science : polyscience ratio invites criticism, yet critics are greeted with sarcasm, intimidation and name calling. This elite name calling habit primarily identifies their elite P U training. P U’s must be granting advanced degrees in opinion instead of being content with theory-free knowledge

All these problems – yet their elite good news is that there is no sin! Perhaps this “good news” from Mathematical determinism is a sign of the walking dead.

Nonetheless, in the recent beginning, God ex nihilo created the universe. Atheorism replaces atheism.

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