10 What If ….

Christianity and non-religion clash! No surprise there.

Thinkers can contemplate many things about the inaccessible. Theories are proposed – as a possible roadmap – to save the appearances. This implies that they can be at least partially subjected to reasonable theory-free discussion.

What if …. the historical and physical ramifications of Christianity and non-religion are subjected to theory-free comparison? This becomes an analysis of competing models – and the requisite assumptions proper to each.

Ex nihilo creation, the subsequent fall of man and Noah’s flood make statements about the status of the universe. Ex nihilo creation is compatible with an orderly finite universe that can be investigated. The creation event presupposes the injection of “information” and order into many things. The Garden of Eden fall implies a loss; shall we say entropy? Noah’s flood is a catastrophe. Creation and catastrophe imply discontinuity or limit, followed by a dampening down to quietude.

To account for the formation of the entire geologic column in a number of months presupposes geologic discontinuities of the “mega” variety. If the model assumes a relatively non-mountainous terrain, earthquakes, fountains of the deep and global tsunamis many hundreds of feet tall, how much damage can such shaking and water volumes/velocities cause? Mountains uplifted later – even the non-religious say that the Himalayan Mountains were uplifted due to a mass collision with a wandering Indian “island.” The time scale of the collisions is in dispute.

The Mathematical determinist view of the non-religious is “slow, easy and unplanned.” (But this is an admission of a finite universe, as any motion would have long ago ended in a “heat death.”) The appearance of events, information, arts, history, sin, compassion, beauty, qualities, and of mathematics itself requires further research! Actually, the appearance of matter requires further research. To postulate a big bang is not theory-free – we would need to evaluate the nature of Mathematics itself.

The assumptions of this model requires certainty regarding things that are actually inaccessible. From the atom onwards all is an unplanned unobservable mystery.

Better the little theory-free knowledge compatible with atheorism than the hopeful mystery of Mathematical determinism and atheism and faith in a rational “world on paper.”

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